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Update your damn site 4 Edit: This entire article is no longer applicable because the web master did the impossible, and updated his damn site.

Now we tackle a site run by a friend of mine. Or at least someone I know has ftp access. I know the supense is killing you.
The winner is zoneelite.com. The splash screen is cool well edited video good use of css, but lets look at the links one by one.

News - once again we learn the dangers of having a news page, because it informs me about Clash 2010. Not only that it offers
incomplete information and and directs me to the forum.

Forum - we'll get to this later.

Media - Awesome pictures and video and sounds, and two really bitty looking folders which link to pages between which has 3
files, one of which I'm slightly worried about running.

About - Ya know typically I'd have put this first, alphabatizing you know. But could you at least have had more then a sentance on it???

Stats - Coming soon!!! A quick glance at the forum informs me that they have long since given up on attempting to update this page,
code anything, or whatever but have rather decided to make a forum dedicated to this topic.

Links - Awesome, the only page on the internet that google decides links to my page!!! Its got five links, which I think is less zone links then I have on my links page, if not i'm going to add some to make sure it is.

Contact - No fancy php, webforms here simple mailto links, I do honestly wonder if that email has been checked during this decade.

And finally last and the majority of the site.
Forums - Nice skin cool logo, many trolls. Hey am I the only one who noticed their running 2.0.23? I understand people really just want
forums, because to them this a method of communicating with their friends, keeping up to date, that doesn't require serious waiting around
because all the content is user generated. Which is good for site owners because its user generated content, everyone wants one, and you
have your pick of foss solutions which you can just drop in a boom you have a website, and if you have a userbase its only going to keep
growing as long as the system is alive, and still has a competive scene.

All and all it looks like someone put some effort it to this at some point, that point was in 2007-2009, and other then maybe cleaning of some
spam didn't do a thing for it. The mainpage is just that a splash screen, lots of empty pages, though I am partial to the links page. Come on man,
I know you can do better then this.

And our runner up is taggers.org
This site has seen more reconstructions then Micheal Jacksons face. Could you maybe finish the damn thing rather then restarting everytime you figuire
out how much better you could have done it?

and as always
Update your damn site