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Welcome to another joyous day where we find out the last time the internet wayback machine found changes
in a site. Today's winner is none-other then AdequatThis site is actually a lot more sparse then I remember.
Probably containing less then 50 pages (some of which are soon to become "sources" for the wiki) and some generally
great stylization.However this site is threating to be re-vamped for 2009, which is apparently internet code for
"I'm never going to touch this site again". What exactly happened in 2009 that a great dirth of websites simply stopped
updating? Did lasertag website creators suddenly become too rich, too desirable, and too famous to keep up their gigs?
Well maybe but it wasn't from displaying adsense and ebay ads on their lasertag websites.Their links section is indeed a
trip through memory lane, its almost as if entering you website on this page causes some kind of shinnimgamie
to come and stop your website from ever being updated again(never watched the show). I've already emailed the
owner of this site notifying him that his links page is redirect is broken, but at this point I'm more intrested in
adding laserquest.com to it instead of my own site.Back in the day it was a good site, though it seems more effort went into
stylizing the thing then actually adding content to it.

And for runner up we have a tie TagDaPlanet.com and Taggers.org. TagDaPlanet has recieved this honor when one of our loyal
readers pointed out one of my advertisements was for a deal which expired sometime in 2007. If anything else other then a
twinkie was that expired it would be reduced to a small pile of black mold.And our other runner up is taggers.org,
I'd complain code enthropy with broken links, and something i've never seen before which is broken css, but I'm not entirelyMBR< sure either of these worked at any point.

And as always
Update your damn site