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I'm often looking at my score cards for my hit ratio, this being one of the usefull accessible metrics.
If you do better then a one to one in my home system you took in more points then you gave out. Of course
this means in other systems where the sensors are not worth the same amount for the same sensor this doesn't
nessicarily mean the same thing.

Hit Ratio its common form and as presented here is the number of times you tagged someone else divided by the number of tags you recieved.





Well thanks to some quick math, the least ratio you can and still be even is 0.25. This is where you tag one front and
get tagged on the shoulder or gun 4 times. This is not a likely event but is the least your ratio can be to be positive.
The maximum ratio you can revieve without breaking even is 4. This is getting tagged once on the chest and tagging the
phasor or shoulders 4 times. Once again unlikely but the is the absolute maximum. This provides the possible range, so just
blankly looking at your ratio may not tell you wether your were positive or negative points wise, not that this is perfect
measure because a player can put up less points but do more for the team. Notice that a player can put up a decent score but
in the end actually given up more points then they got. So how do we work around this, assuming your you tags are higher or
lower in every your already there. If its uneven you may have to do some actual math where 2 Chest Tags is worth 3 Back Tags
is worth 8 Shoulder tags. Chances are if your above a 1.0 your positive, for the lazy. Why does this actually matter? Key
point if your doing something that isn't directly helping your team, and your giving out more points then your taking, stop it.
Your not helping. Because while a team might be able to come in second with a losing ratio, while due to the nature of the
equations, I can't prove it, I do not think a team could come in first(disregarding bases or assuming bases were otherwise equal)
with a losing ratio.
Quick tip people, if you try to aim for more fronts, you have an oppertunity to put up and extra like 1/3 of your score.
I understand that your opponents gun, and their ARMS, and their eyes are on the front, but it is worth literally double the score.
And as always... TagDaPlanet