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Note that there are many others systems several of which I've played, this truely represents my top 5 favorite systems and my 3 least favorite systems.

Top 5

1 Actual Reality (DUH)
My home system, and yes I still love it. Best game play in my opinion but a little dated. The multible shot per second, shield having goodness. ? AR. R.I.P. Your strange zombie.

2 Darklight
Darklight pretty much rocks, and well maintained darklight packs are a thing of beauty. Featuring many shot per second
goodness and the guns are accurate and have a tight ir. The bubbles which function as sensors are pretty well placed.
That plink when you recieve a credit for a tag is pretty satisfying, and the gems have a good variety of powerups and
capabilities. This is definately one of the more technologically advanced systems.

3 Zone
Responisive single shot per second goodness. Fast paced and accurate. Highly customizable and well done. Why however
is it that the gun sensors that face forward are almost untaggable? Its partialy because the gun is tiny and almost any
sane hand hold will cover the gun sensors. Theres a decent amount ofshot cancelation in certain versions most notably v4s
but they seem to have sorted this out in later versions. Baring some tricks I explained in a previous post, timing is kinda
random. I must state at this point that 90% of my experience is on infusion which is not the most current version. This may
color my views on the subject.

4 Laser Force
Reverse ir makes a comeback, I guess I really don't notice too much of a difference however. This system falls into the
technologically advanced category.
Guess in reality its all about space marines, which has a player being able to tag all the other players with a powerup,
different levels of damage being done by different classes, and multible ways of firing. Plus two players have the ability
to resupply their own team. Neat. 5 Runner
Yeah I know runner sucks, completely aware. That being said runner is like chick whos not really all that attractive but you think is
cute anyway. Using lasers to transmit signals makes the system pinpoint accurate, and they compinsate for this by making the targets
larger. The scoring rarely puts out accurate scorecards, the sensors barely work and have a small angle of attack, laser runners website
is worth more laughs then anything, the long range capabilites of the system are entirely ignored by every arena I've seen,the guns have some
kind stupid entirely pointless "AIM" mode, and runner only exists for Can't locate object method "php" via package "wikilink" (perhaps you forgot to load "wikilink"?) at (eval 26) line 1. birthday bashing, and because its
inexpensive. Whew anything else? Oh yeah the worst run sites ever all run runner. Still i like it.

Bottom 3

3 Lasertron Ok, so I've been playing more and dislike it less, so its moved up a couple spots. It may be just that I hate the tournament settings C.H.I.P.s.
It is a decent system harware wise except for the fact that the guns are not easily taggable form the front, having an anemic>angle of attack. Also the
front sensor seems more then usual to be in a perfect position for Can't locate object method "php" via package "wikilink" (perhaps you forgot to load "wikilink"?) at (eval 27) line 1. arming intentional or otherwise.
C.H.I.P.s however seems to exist specifically to piss me off. Randomly granted powerups and being able to be tagged while on no-energy seem like a good
tournament format? Yes! have we got a system for you. Could you make it so it takes a random length of time for you to recieve
deactivator to theres a 50% chance your opponent can shoot you before you can even fire back? Sweet. If They could only introduce some
shot cancelation in this game so I could hate it even more. Sorry I departed the sarcasm train rather ubruptly here.

2 Laser Storm
See I HATE shot cancelation, and I like sensors that work, the first being my real problem storm has alot of it. The "laser" apears to be a glorified
light emitting diode. Otherwise I'd like this system. Strategic and positional play? Interesting. Wiggy Headset thing? Unique.

1 LaserQuest
Duh Ta Duh Da!!1
Laserquest oh how I loathe thee let me count the ways.

One handed guns are pretty neat though and its got a pretty active tournament scene.

and always ...
hate quest... I mean