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Before you go....

Figure out the in and outs of the way its scored, some places give lots of points for specific things.
Wear comfortable dark clothes that are easy to move in. Black or phosphate free reccomened
Figure out the ins and out of the particular system your playing, All laser quests use the same system for example. The wiki has plenty of resources for finding out what kind of system and is a good starting point for figuring out the ins and outs of each system.
No sandals, boots, etc. Comfortable shoes that won't fall off don't weigh a lot and have treads is preferable. Ankle support is probably a plus.
Ladies no skirts.
While your there....

If you don't scope out the system ahead of time listen to the briefing. This is invaluable to understand how to play.
Lights on vests are usually targets.
Racking up points on weaker players is generally the way to score big points, though not in any sort of cosmic or social sense.
If your pack doesn't seem to work talk to a game marshal, you may get a refund or a working pack.
Try and look for spots that offer good position cover and a good view of the arena. Often you can find locations where one can
easily rack up points like this. Second floors are often excellent for this.
Most times accuracy doesn't count however in some systems there are bonus's for being accurate generally however firing as fast a
possible while still being as precise as possible is the way to go.
Stand sideways as this generally makes you harder to hit and in some systems makes players more likely to go for targets which
are worth less point.
Try and use cover to obscure your sensors, legality of this varies as well as specific interpretations of the rules.
Avoid the better players your points to them, when you should be worried about putting up points. Try and see the players who seem to know what they're doing you might be able to learn from them.
Bases and targets are often easy points seek them out

Oh almost forgot,
Tag da planet