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Since last time, I did some frame by frame analysis, remembered some things, and probably forgot others. Though
in the end I think in the end I'm just confounded more. Hey we're making all new mistakes here :)As far as the
holding the trigger down while your down thing here’s what I originally heard. That if you pulled it too near
the end the Timer that prevented you from firing again would still be in effect hence you had to pull the trigger
early in your down time in order to shoot like this. Below you can see the trigger firing when it comes up however
the pack is not down during this process so we may be left with my original 50% 50% success rate.

Note: Originally I said that it was 1ms between the trigger getting pulled and it firing.. its .1 ms... whoops see
Round 2 Take 2.

The base is not 1 1 2. Or if it is its the sound effects that is. There are only three shots necessary into the base
producing2 areas between two shots, the first my frame by frame said was 1.21 seconds and the second (which does seem longer)
was 1.31 seconds. The exact timing is probably just a coincidence, but these are my results.

Stuns are 3 (3.16 by frame by frame) seconds long but begin at the start of the sound rather then the end like i suppose I'd
expect..16 of second might be closer to my error ( +- .03 of a second on both sides if i remember how to do this) The sound
lasts about a second, though this is harder to analyze then images. If I could get the stun sound with less background
(or someone who actually has skill in dsp, audio editing or audacity)

In both of frame by frames its impossible to tell from the images when the packs were actually tagaggable or able
fire, but in the second case my preliminary tests at zone got my shots ignored while my second shot, apparently still
before they could fire, took them down...

I'm told the timing being screwed up on the packs is related to the packs having to load... something. Not due to network
traffic. So there is that.

Tag da planet