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So in actual reality we had a habit of saying players were of a certain style, think classes like standard
rpg's or a general skill set that players rely on. Its rare that a player fits entirely into one or the other
or has a single class but often that a player can be best described as this. Basically whatever you end up doing
the most is probably your player style. This is more a way of describing players and lends itself to strategical
discussions and team forming.

To further complicate things I discovered eventually that there were certain skills that would further differentiate
players and had in fact made some of the previous styles obsolete. This was part of an intended update to taggers.org but
I did never get around to it......

Actual Realities styles

Quick write up here the links explain more.
Ghost – Relies on stealth, the element of surpise and speed to get the job done, fade and attack.

Dueler – A dueler is a special friend who may follow you an entire game, he can do 1 v 1 better then you

Camper– Campers set up camp places, usually out of the way where he gets a clear view of good traffic and is ever so happy to run and setup camp somewhere else

Power player – The player that runs in changes a matchup or group of match ups, and straight up points up points.

Quick Trigger - in ar the faster you pull the trigger the faster you shoot, so players rely on this, becoming portable turrets and fighting at long range.

Trash - trash talking mind manipulating usually balanced otherwise

Zones proposed styles
Rely on staying back, picking good positions to put up point and seceding he ground if necessary. Walls are your special friends and do more
for your game then dodging or timing. Placed where they provide covering fire they can be a great asset and can often put up ridiculous amounts
of points when left alone.

Zone players typically don't follow each other around, such would a waste of a resource, however certain players seem to revel in keeping a single
opponent down. Points aren't as easy to come by with this player style but you can easily save your team trouble by overtaking strategic positions,
and keeping dangerous players occupied.

As always relying on speed and stealth to get the job done, roving quickly from points to points like some kind of hungry animal, and generally
sticking a beam in whatever holes in the opponents defenses can be found.

Dog Fighter
Enjoy the center of combat placing themselves in the center of large groups of people and ever so calmly plinking off players in that group.

Zones Proposed skills
In infusion at least some players can get by with little dodging relying entirely on their timing to handle a 1v1 "head to head".

Rely on dodging fast movement, the occasional motion of fire block(lol), and just plain not being there when the laser hits to stay up.

Defender – do better in bases then they do outside of them everyone can d to an extent but some players are just better at it, heck some
players put up more points on d then do trying to pickup points.

Trash Talker – talks trash the angrier you are the better their doing, says things to get you to do what they want you to do such as “Go get
them its red? to get you to deny your own team.

Strategist – one that provides strategies knows what games they can win, who playing what the rank is and is usually the
one to think of a plan of attack for every game.

Field Commander – some players lead in the arena, shouting commands and throwing up strategies on the fly, a skill I certainly lack but
can turn the tide of a game, if their good at it.

Cracker – getting into a base is where their skill lies, they're on their own otherwise but like a lock smith they rapidly find just
he correct combination to force open the other teams d.

Support - A role I increasingly find myself in, a player that tries to help his other team rather then put points up, the points
show up just not on their own scorecard, Dropping a player whos going to tag a team mate or keeping another busy so their team can
get in the base.

Cheerleader – these existed in AR I can only assume they exist in zone, while not in any leadership role these are the players that
push their team harder.

I'll add more to all this later but for now whew.
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