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So laser quest replaced their pack plastics, the gun, the front and back, with clear plastics. That which used
to be be black is now trasparent, or at least translucent. Some of the non flat parts remain kind of hazy or possibly
ridden with bubbles. The packs also seem lighter but this might be from when they went from nicad to lithium batteries.

The real upshot is that the front and back are more taggable mostly from the side. While their was only a tiny window to
tag someone from the side you now have maybe like an additional 15 degrees on both sides. I think it might be easier to tag
from the front too, giving a narrow additional angle of attack.

Suddenly the packs look slighly more futuristic, or at least more like most current systems (zone copy anyone?). Generally I
like this approvement, in general it apears that Laserquest is serious about finally updating their crap. This probably was not
a major inventment on Quests part and seem to have offered real improvement.

In an unrelated note their no longer giving out coupon books with memberships though the cost came down. I still dislike quest,
but would include more vitrial if approriate for the tone of this particular peice of writing. Also sorry for no pics I did was
not allowed to take any.

Hate Quest er...
Tag Da Planet