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Tonight winner is lasertronworldchampionships.com as well as being one of the longest domain names i
have ever seen (possibly top ten) it also says proudly that it is running in 2009. Gee maybe i'll attend.
Actually i might have? Laser tron your supporting your tournament and offering real cash prizes props for
that. Why does is your website 4 years outdated? Your doing something good why not advertise it?

You seemed to put effort into this or at least Bock did why let it languish? Is Bock the only one who actually
knew how to update a website? Surprisingly his website is kept in current states.I understand the noncompetitive
market is not that big but for whatever reasoning you decided to do the ltwcs, could that logic not be extended
to make sure your website isn't wondering if Barack Obama is going to be a good president?

And our runner up once again is taggers.orgR Other then a couple minor fixes the last actual update seems to have taken place more then 4 years ago? Did the
website break a mirror and you have to wait till the bad luck ends before your next update?

And as always
Update your damn site.