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People were talking about using Arduino to read infrared signals, so I was going to show off from a previous attempt.....
Here it is in all its soundless glory, the speaker was broken in this video but it doesn't seem to matter because my phone
apparently doesn't like audio.

Heres an image of a "waveform" I loaded from a previously saved data because for some reason i was getting junk data.

Heres the menu and some of it actually works!!
Also about everyones attempt at designing a matrix of leds and recievers. I'll give you a tip though you can actually induce
a photovalic effect in any P/N Junction. Futher its would be impossible to read every sensor in a large matrix without some kind
of multiplexing, and you'd have to read to them all at the same time or save the data from each input at the same time. How do you
do this?? Well its pretty moot...
Wouldn't it be sweet if there was already a device could read large number of panels quickly? Well it does its called a camera specifically
a ccd or charge coupled device. There is this great instructable. having destoryed two cameras in the process, one as i was attempting to
explain this its not exactly the easiest thing... However if anyone wants to buy filters for I have some.