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It kinda apears to me that infusion has shot cancelation something that I've heard claimed doesn't exist. I haven't
worked out exactly how it works but heres what I'm thinking.

Comp format sends out two packets, both early in the approximately quarter second laser shot. Supposedly each is about
7 microseconds long leaving most of the shot unable to tag a player. I suspect that first packet is not sent in the very
begining of the very begining of the shot, because i have personally seen my laser at this point only a dim red dot hitting
an opponents sensor whos pack stays up, while mine drops. So it apears until the first packet fires you are vunerable while
unable to tag.

I'm almost certain your invunerable while the packet is actually firing, however I'm kinda confused at wether you are in between
the packets. I've seen cancels and double hits baring some kind of interferance with the radio it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
If they use some kind of serial out interface on the chip it could mean that for some parts of the packets the micro is ignoring the
The down time count is kinda weird, its not based on when you were tagged but rather when your lcd on your front sensor goes out. The
actual timing of the lcd being based I believe on how many packs/ how much data is being used on the radio at the time, perhaps waiting
until a timeout or when the pack finally manages to sync with the server.

I'd write about the stuns, which seem to be 3 or 4 seconds but I never manage to check my lcd when hit with one to see if the above holds.
Bases are kinda different then I'd expect too.... it seems the least you can tag the base in is 4 seconds. 1 second to turn green after the
first shot, 1 second to turn green after the second shot and 2 to turn green for the third an final shot. Once being a bit late for the second
shot I noted that the third shot seemed to come up faster, seeming to make it only 4 seconds of delay to tag the base no matter how well or poorly
each individual shot is timed.

Well thats all for now..