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Here we may have a feature for this blog, where I take a look at another site and comment on it and
kindly remind them to update their damn site. Sites coming in and out of update is a regular occurrence
on the internet, and it appears the tag world is especially prone to this.

Our first victim is Laser sport being a proud foray into a multi-system site which was primarily lasertron
anyway. It seemed it had good backing going in having the support of the Armageddon community and the lasertron
community. Lots of the links never got propagated and the newest news seems to last have been updated in 2008 sometime.
Forums I couldn't get on to but last time I checked no one but lasertron players used it anymore.

Taggers.org seriously you said there would be a new version eventually and I was kinda hoping I'd get that done before the heat death of the universe.

Thanks for the winners and as always
Update your damn site.