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This theory states that there isn't nessicarily a direct relationship between how players do in lasertag
with there actual skill. This is because play style and player style dictate that players are not equallyB
equiped to handle different situations despite being otherwise equal. To otherwise compound this situation in
some situations; player A can beat player B, player B can beat player C however player C can beat player A.

In a previous post I explained my player style skill set as it relates to zone. These have there own supposed
rock paper scissors type relationships, where the ghost can out duel everyone but the dueler, but gets outshot
by the camper and ruined in mass battles by the dogfighter. The dueler is easy prey for the camper,ghost,or dogfighter
assuming IF he's not devoting alot of attention to either of them. And the camper just tries to get no attention for any
of the others and lays down fire in any other situation.

This even applies to teams, same old A beats B beats C but B beats A. Wiggy.

And as always