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Welcome to the exciting world of dilapidated, or other disused websites. Tonight winner is trutnee.com. I remember
this site when it first came around, it was great, in depth if kinda softball pitching questions;I can only assume written
by a person who's grasp of English was worse then mine. That was awesome it was a fully featured site with lots of content
and there was even information I didn't know and actually cared about. Sweet then came the dark days...

Suddenly the only updates were updates to site locations (i'm getting there... sshh.) and its owner continued to ignore emails.
Where was this actual news I was interested in? Where the the interviews? Where was anything?

And now for our runn
er up Once again it goes to taggers.org. I'm beginning to believe that the eventual update and server migration would be better measured by
the millenium clock then by a calender.

And as always
Update your damn site.